1.Login Using the Information Provided to You.






2. Select "Place Order" on the Left Side of the Screen.



3. Enter Information Where the Order is Being Picked Up.

  • Company Name Only
  • Street Address & Suite #
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Must Include Contact Name of Person Driver is Picking the Order Up From.

4. Enter Information Regarding Where the Order is Being Delivered. 

  • Company Name Only
  • Street Address & Suite #
  • City
  • tate
  • Zip Code
  • Use "Smart Search" to Locate Addresses You Have Saved to Your Address Book

5. Verify Number of Pieces Being Picked Up and Delivered. 

  • Enter # of Pieces
  • No Other Fields Need to Be Completed. 
  • All Pickups will be Completed During the Next Scheduled Route Time.
  • All Deliveries Will Be Completed During the Scheduled Route Time Following the Pickup Route Time.

6.Once All Information is Correct, Select Continue (or Reset to Start Over).

7. Verify that Address Information is Correct. 

  • If You Would Like to Save the Addresses You Have Entered to Your Address Book for Ease of Future Use, Select the "Add to Address Book" Box Next to Each Address You Would Like Saved.

8. Verify Type, Notifications, & Complete Your Order. 

  • Selecting "Delivery" Will Not Require a Signature Upon Delivery
  • Selecting "Delivery with POD" Will Require A Signature Upon Delivery.
  • Email Notifications Can Be Sent When Order is Confirmed, Picked Up & Delivered. Slect Which Type of Notifications You Would Like.

9. Order Confirmation Number.

  • Ensure You Complete the Order Process By Receiving Your Tracking Number. 
  • Please Ensure Your Print A Shipping Label to Attach to Your Package By Clicking, "Print Shipping Label."

If you would like to check the status of your order, select, "Track Order" and enter the "Tracking Number."

Tracking Shows the Time the Order Was Placed, Pick Up Status, and Delivery Status.

If you need to cancel or modify an internet order, call the main TDS dispatcher: 206.682.3241